Transformation Tuesday February 20, 2024

Motivation Monday – February 19, 2024

Hey, it’s Monday February the 19th. And it is time for Motivation Monday and today’s message has three parts to it. 

First off, I’m going to tell you what’s going on here at homemaker heritage and legacy management services this week. 

Second, I’ll tell you the things I’m doing to keep in touch with my sphere of influence this week. 

And then third, I’m going to give you a little bit of an inspirational message to keep you on track today and for the rest of this week. So let’s go with our updates. 

Today is Motivation Monday, it is the day to put your motives into action. And if you’ve ever done any etymology work, that’s the study of words. If you’ve ever done any of that you’ll realize that motivation is made up of two words, motives and action. It is your motive in action. 

Why are you doing what you’re doing? 

And why do you want to get where you want to go? 

Tie all those things together. 

So I’ll have you a little message on that in just couple of minutes. 

Tomorrow, we’ve got transformation Tuesday and Bob Field will be our guest speaker. He is the former president of Sierra Title here locally and also down in the RGV, the Rio Grande Valley and he will be giving us what I consider to be the best class on land surveys and some of the history about land surveys. 

On Wednesday, we’ve got legal two, as well as the grand opening of Classic Heritage Homes model which is at 12627 Cody Kyle court. 

Now the legal two will be here at the office from 12 to four and then our grand opening will be at one to six to seven Cody, California over on the east side. And that will be from noon to 2pm. We’ll have food fun and prizes. 

On Thursday. I’ll have your Throwback Thursday message on that and then we will have fun Friday with activities here at the office. And we’re considering where to have happy hour. Will that be here at the office or elsewhere? I’ll let you know by Friday. 

Now what am I doing to keep in contact with my sphere of influence? Well, this is our third full week in February. So we’re sending out our evidence of success postcards to my sphere of influence. I’ll also be shooting my market update video tomorrow afternoon. 

Now, those of you who are paying attention to what I say versus what I do, you’ll realize that that was supposed to happen last week, but our schedules just didn’t work out. 

So I’m gonna do it tomorrow. Get it out by Thursday of this week. We’re not perfect, but we keep working towards that so that we can get the message out to the sphere of influence. 

And then finally, today’s motivational message has one topic and that is about earnings. And in my case my earning and my earnings. I’m not just referring to monetary rewards, I’m also referring to earning the food I eat, the vehicle I drive, the friends I have etcetera. 

Now I have what I have through the grace of God. 

And the fact that I worked towards those things. 

Now by grace, He’s given me everything that I have. But if I don’t take action, I’m not going to get the things that I want in my life. 

So I’ve got to go out and I’ve got to earn the things that I want.

Most of you know that I grew up on a small farm and ranch in East Texas and as far back as I can remember we had cows, we had chickens, we had horses, we had a garden, and we always had something to do with regard to the garden, the animals or whatever it was. 

In the spring, summer, autumn we had a garden where we planted crops such as corn, potatoes, beans, cucumbers, okra, tomatoes, etc. 

And each morning, my siblings and I had a routine of we’d have to go out and feed the cows, we’d have to feed the chickens or feed the horses. 

And when we had a garden we had to go read the garden until the soil and do things like that. 

Before we got breakfast. Before we went to school. 

And that was what created the discipline that I work on today. It was the work ethic that my dad put into us because he demanded that we go do those things before breakfast. 

This morning, I was considering our United States military and the basic training that they go through and I looked at the schedule of what basic training is. They start at 430 in the morning where they wake up and then by five and they get out and they do their physical training, or PT and they do that from five to six according to their website on the

And then they’ve got to shower and get cleaned up and then they have breakfast.

So, they’ve earned their breakfast by the time they get there. 

Like getting up early by doing the workout and then getting ready for the day, having breakfast and then going into training. And I look at that and I go, you know that’s the same thing we did on the farm. 

We had to get up and feed the cows ready to go feed the horses, the chickens, we had the till the garden, and then we can have breakfast and then we’d go to school. 

It was the same thing. 

Now maybe that was because dad was in the army, I don’t know. 

But he had the discipline to get us there. And then by the late afternoon he could do the other things that he wanted to do. And today I’m looking at my schedule and what I’m doing. 

I’ve got a lot of calls to make. 

I want to take the weekend off to do the things I want to do around the house. 

Will it be prepare my little garden for the spring planting season? Whether it’s trimming the trees or whatever it is I want to be able to take that weekend off. 

And as I look toward Saturday, I ask myself, am I going to earn that? Am I going to do the things that I’m supposed to do this week so that I can earn that weekend off? 

Or am I doing the things that I was supposed to do to earn that breakfast or earn that launch or earn that nice supper or earn the fact that I get to live in a home where I’ve got controlled temperature and sleep in our bed? 

Am I doing things that I need to do to earn that on a daily basis? 

I’m going to work towards that because I don’t want to lose those things. 

I want to continue to earn those things. 

It’s not a gift that I can guarantee myself forever. 

I’ve got to continually earn them and that’s part of the mystery of life that we have to continue doing those things. 

And today I want you to reach inside yourself and to ask yourself that question, “am I earning what I have? Am I working towards keeping what I have or improving my place in life? Am I getting where I want to be because I did the work that I was supposed to do?”

Did I make the calls that I was supposed to make? The follow up calls; the prospecting; the reach out to keep in touch things? All of those things with your sphere of influence with your leads that you’ve got in your Moxi database. 

Am I doing the daily success habits to get me to where I want to go? 

If I’m not and I’m not earning it, I’m going to lose what I have because as our Pastor talked about yesterday, in the book of Matthew chapter 25, he gave us the parable of the talents and the the lazy servant that didn’t do anything with his talent. 

What he had was taken away from him and given to the one who doubled the five talents or doubled the two talents each to his own accord. 

So what are you doing this week? 

What am I doing this week to continually earn that because it’s a daily ritual, it’s a daily task. We’ve got to earn those things and make sure that we’re doing what’s necessary to not only keep what we have, but to improve on where we’re going. 

Put that in your thoughts today. 

Do your best and if I can be of service to you and let me know. 

In the body of that email below. There’s a link you can get on my calendar and I’ll be happy to talk to you about the five F’s and how you’re working towards those and how I’m working towards those. 

That’s faith, family, friends, financial and fitness. Those are the five “fs” that we’ve got. Put them in whatever order you want to, and let’s go get you and me our goals to be the best person that we can be. 

Thanks for watching. God bless you and make it a great day.

Bye bye