Motivation Monday February 26, 2024

Motivation Monday February 26, 2024

Hey good Monday afternoon It is February the 26th. It is Motivation Monday and today’s message has three parts to it. I’m gonna keep it as short as possible. So you’ll watch it all the way through. 

So, on to the three parts of this. Number one, I’m telling you about what’s going on here at the office. Number two, what are we doing to keep in contact with our sphere of influence? And the third thing is a little bit of motivation and inspiration for your Monday to keep you on track for your goals. 

So let’s start off with the office. What are we doing? 

Well, our staff is helping us out in screening some candidates they’re checking 16 candidates for our receptionist position, checking to see if they’ve got the level of fluency in the Spanish language. 

We require everybody to have English and I can do that part. 

But when it comes to Spanish, not so much, but we’re trying to find somebody great to greet you and our clients and prospects as they come here to the office and our staff is helping out on that specifically, Whitney, and Ashley and Jessica Harrelson are helping out and you give them a big hand a big thank you for doing that. Second thing. 

What are we doing here at the office this week? Well, Transformation Tuesday is  happening here, and that is tomorrow. We are focusing on contracts and contract forms. It starts at 10am tomorrow morning in person here and on Zoom.

And we’re going to be talking about those contracts. If you’ve got something in particular you want to discuss, please let me know ahead of time, so I can work it into the presentation for tomorrow. 

And then we’re also working in our sphere of influence. We’ve got an automated email going out from Moxie, as well as preparing our Service for Life newsletter that I hope to get delivered on Friday, no later than Saturday for those folks that are getting the snail mail copies of that. 

Now, let’s go on to our motivation for today. Realize that this is the last week of February and we do get an extra day this year. It’s leap week, that’s leap day on Thursday, February the 29th. And as I go to the end of something, I always want to look back and say hey, did I accomplish what I set out to accomplish? 

Did I finish what I was supposed to do? Did I reach the goals that I have set for myself and if I look at February I’d say no, I didn’t get there. You know it just to be transparent about it. I didn’t hit the goals that I wanted to hit. 

And I’m either going to have to readjust my goals and go down on them. Or I’m going to have to add the things that I was supposed to do here in the month of February. I’m going to have to add those into March through December so that I can get my annual goals. 

Really what it comes down to me is if those goals that I set back in December and then reaffirmed in January, if they’re really important to me, I’m going to have to reaffirm and I’m gonna have to commit to the commitment to making sure that those goals are going to be met, that I’m taking the action necessary to make that happen. 

And that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking my goals and I’m recommitting to those and I’m adding them to March through December so that I can still reach my annual goal here for 2024. And I challenge you to do the same thing. 

You set goals because they’re important to you. I set goals because they’re important to me. They’re important to me because it helps me grow to a level at which I am not at yet and I want to get better and better with that constant improvement. 

I wouldn’t be able to do that each and every year so that I get better. You know, kind of like that proverbial fine wine that we’re you get better with age. 

So today, Monday, February 26 2024. I’m asking you to go along with me to commit to the commitment of reaching your goals. 

Do the things that you said you were going to do? Get your accountability partner, that’s your buddy, who’s your buddy, who’s your pal who’s going to help you get your goals, reach them and who are you going to help as well? 

And if I can assist you in any way please let me know. You can reach me at 915-588-1850. Shoot me an email at or you can come by the office and see me. Thanks for watching. God bless you and make it a great day. Bye bye