Focus Friday March 1, 2024

Focus Friday March 1, 2024

Hey, welcome to Friday. It is Focus Friday, March 1 2024. And I want you to remember first off what focus stands for its follow one course until successful.

And this morning as I was coming back from my workout, I was listening to Steven Pressfield and the audio version of the book, The War of Art. In it, he reminded me of a philosophy that I taught many years ago called you incorporated. 

But the way that he put it was that as a writer, when he went to Hollywood, he was impressed by other writers who would create basically a parent corporation and then they would hire themselves as their own employee. 

And that did a couple of things for them. One it created an LLC to where they could have an employee and save money on taxes. 

And you as a realtor can do that today, legally through the Texas Real Estate Commission, and that’s a separate topic and you can get with me on that later. 

But the second thing that it did was it allowed the writer to say, “Hey, I am the boss, I’m the CEO of my LLC, of my corporation, and then I’m hiring myself as my own employee.”

And then that sets up the employee employer relationship, and you’ve got to think about this. You say, “Hey, would I hire myself as my own employee?”

And if I did, if I went to work every morning, and I put my hat on as the employee and I said, I’ve got to do the stuff that I would demand other people do. Would you hire yourself? 

Yeah, I ask that question pretty much every day, and there are days that I’d fire myself, quite frankly, because I’m too lazy to do what I want to do. 

But most days, I’m going to do what’s required of me to build the business that I want to build. I’m going to make the phone calls. I’m gonna make the text messages, do the emails, do the follow up calls, show up here to the office, and that’s the number one thing that I got to do is I’ve got to show up here so that I can do the work throughout the day. 

Now, I want you to think about that today. 

Would you hire yourself and then as an employee, as You Incorporated? 

Would you hold yourself accountable to doing the things that you should be doing to build the business that you said you want to build the life that you said you want? 

And if the answer is no. Think that over? Are you doing the right thing?

 Are you in the right career? 

Or do you just need to improve? 

Do you need to give yourself an evaluation and say, Hey, as an employee, I can do better in these areas. 

And if there are areas that we can help you out, please let me know. 

We’re here to help you reach the goals that you want to reach. 

So please, today think about that you incorporate you as the CEO of your corporation, you as the employee of the corporation, and how can you separate the two roles to make sure that the employee is doing what’s necessary for the business to be successful. 

And if I can help you reach out to me 915-588-1850 is the number call me on. You can textt me on that. 

Shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to help you out any way that you can. 

And if you’re interested in that LLC thing so you can save taxes on the income that you earn as a realtor. Let me know about that too. 

Thanks for watching. God bless you and make it a great day. Bye bye